What is Creative Living for Dancers?

Creative Living for Dancers

Creative Living for Dancers is a series of professional and personal development resources for YOU, amazing freelance dance artists with difficulties thriving as a freelancer yet a burning passion for movement and living your best life.

And let me know tell you, both are absolutely possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the dance community with the closing of theaters, arts centers and dance studios. Without any preparation or warning, we were all forced to rely on technology to connect and support dance communities around the world. Our art form, with a solid footing in live ,in-person shows and training, has had to scramble to make space in the digital world.  

This has called for a renewed outlook and spirit of innovation to empower and enrich the dance community in the digital sphere.

Our weekly professional and personal development videos as well as the Creative Living for Dancer’s Award encourage and empower you to refine the approach to your life and work within the arts from a new perspective and expand your impact within the dance community.

~~~Encourages and guides dancers through valuable approaches as it relates to web monetization as well as providing an empowering and enriching avenue for promoting dance-oriented work digitally.

~~Weekly professional development resources will focus on networking, entrepreneurship, gaining professional skills, and boosting personal development followed by downloadable workbooks that provide the tools you need to continue building your career no matter what.

~~~Begin your journey making income-producing content on the web through The Creative Living for Dancer’s award providing an opportunity for dancers to create quality content while experimenting with the innovative web-monetization model.

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