2021 CLD Awardee Digital Dance Projects

Digital Dance Projects

Welcome to the 2021 Release of the Creative Living for Dancers Awardee Digital Dance Projects! Each project below was created by Michigan and Belgium-based artists who took the challenge of creating a new digital dance project while utilizing web-monetization.

This innovative technology protects your privacy, maximizes your digital experience, ensures ad-free content and uses micropayments to generate direct income for each awardee each time you view their work.

Learn more about their projects here then follow the steps below to gain access to the Creative Living for Dancers Awardees Projects!

  1. Go to www.coil.com and click Sign Up.
  2. By clicking “Access Content,” you’ll be able to access the Creative Living for Dancers video series!  Don’t worry, you can still choose to monetize your own content later.
  3. Create your user ID and password.
  4. Next, you’ll need to enter your payment information. 
    • Why? Coil is a membership service that you can cancel at anytime that grants you access to watch and support artists and content creators across the web. For $5, you will gain one month of exclusive videos on Cinnamon, privacy protection for your data as you stream, and ad-free browsing. Learn more about Coil here.
  5. Great! You now have access to quality content created by artists just like you!
  6. Now, type www.cinnamon.video into your URL address bar. This new video-streaming site is an extension of Coil where you can view and post videos that are eligible for web-monetization.
  7. Click “Continue with Coil” and, if prompted, type in the user ID and password you created for www.coil.com.
  8. Now, search for, follow and view the work of each artist: @NadineBaboy, @Baira , @KelseyPaschich, & @RosslynWythes.
  9. You now have access to their work via cinnamon.video OR to view all the works below add the Coil Plug-in to your Chrome Browser and view each work below!

Un-Spoken Words of a Heartist by Nadine Baboy

Coventry Street by Shaina & Bryan Baira

Found in Translation by Project Whitewall (Kelsey Paschich)

A Reflection on Canon by Rosslyn Wythes