TOMORROW: 2021 Creative Living for Dancers Awardee Digital Project Release!

Dance Films - Digital Dance Project - How to Dance Film Online

After two months of intensive artistic work and filming the Creative Living For Dancers Awardees are excited to share their work tomorrow, March 16th at 9pm (CET). These Digital Dance Projects will be viewed while utilizing the latest Web-Monetization technology. More information about how to view these projects will be available at the release of the project. Thanks for your support of the awardees and dance in the digital sphere!

Dance Films - Digital Dance Project - How to Dance Film Online

How has the pandemic changed communication? This dance film explores our dualistic identities as they exist during the COVID crisis. It explores the idea of communication and how information can be lost, glitched, or broken down through the screen.

Direction & Concept | Kelsey Paschich & Kevin Abbott Choreography & Staging | Kelsey Paschich Animation & Visual Design | Kevin Abbott

Film & Edit | John Mackenzie

Sound Composition | Michael Wall

Dancers | Claire Binguit Noelle Dewees Kiera Brown Quetzie Jacobs Chloe Gunkel Lauren Janney Mariya Calhoun Mary Grace Geise Evie Mourtos

Dance Film - Digital Dance Projects - Web Monetization

A Reflection on Canon reimagines canon in dance by using the ideas of cognitive scientist and physicist Douglas Hoftstader. Typically canon is used to structure choreography, instead I am using the idea of ‘canons’ (a series of rules) between dancers as a method to create choreography.

Choreography, Performance & Edit | Rosslyn Wythes

Videography | James Hogan

Music | 4-Voice Canon no.16 for Electric Guitar, Cello and Percussion | Larry Polansky

An in depth look into movement storytelling through poetry, acting, dance and narrative interpretation. Through this refined sense of “Body Language”, movement becomes word and word becomes movement by encouraging healing through reconciliation with oneself, and embracing one’s authenticity and uniqueness.

Choreography & Performance : Nadine Baboy

Photo & Video Credit: Stefan van Diest 

Dance Film - Digital Dance Projects - Web Monetization

Coventry Street is a dance-theatre film following a day in the life of the Baira family during their long term trailer park quarantine in a small rural Michigan town. Coventry Street offers a fly-on-the-wall experience of parenthood, pandemic life and socio-political division. The film slips between mundane reality and a fantastical surrealism, witnessing one family’s effort to cope with it all.

Choreography & Performance | Shaina & Bryan Baira

Film Credit | Shaina & Bryan Baira

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