The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the dance community with the closing of theaters, arts centers and dance studios. Without any preparation or warning, we were all forced to rely on technology to connect and support dance communities around the world. Our art form, with a solid footing in live, in-person shows and training, has had to scramble to make space in the digital world. This has called for a renewed spirit of innovation to empower and enrich the dance community in the digital sphere. 

Funded by Grant for the Web, I created the Creative Living for Dancers project to encourage more dancers to take control of their freelance careers in and out of the digital world. Given that dancers are among the highest contributors of video content on the web, I believe we deserve to be informed about the many options available to us for being compensated for showcasing our talents online – such as web monetization. Using this breakthrough technology, dancers can produce and share content online that could potentially provide enough income to support their freelance career, studio, and future dance productions.

My Creative Living for Dancers course is the perfect segway into the world of web monetization. In a series of exclusive testimonial-style videos, the professional development course is geared toward freelance dancers, offering insight on networking, entrepreneurship, gaining professional skills, boosting personal development, and more. I also guide dancers through valuable web monetization strategies, hopefully encouraging them to produce their own income-producing original work online.

The Creative Living for Dancers (CLD) Award, which was granted to four talented artists in 2020, offers dancers the opportunity – and funding – to create quality content while experimenting with the web-monetization model.

Let’s make space for dancers in the digital sphere by empowering and educating the global dance community on new ways to approach their professional work!

Thank you, 

Briana Ashley Stuart & The Creative Living for Dancers Team