The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the dance community with the closing of theaters, arts centers and dance studios. Without any preparation or warning, we were all forced to rely on technology to connect and support dance communities around the world. Our art form, with a solid footing in live, in-person shows and training, has had to scramble to make space in the digital world.  

This has called for a renewed spirit of innovation to empower and enrich the dance community in the digital sphere. Funded by Grant for the Web and led by Detroit-born, Belgian-based artist Briana Ashley Stuart, the Creative Living for Dancers project provides relevant professional development content as well as financial resources to promote the web monetization of dance content in the digital world. This breakthrough technology is just the first step in not only connecting users directly to content creators, but also privacy protection and ad-free content consumption. A future with income-producing content has the capacity to support the creation of dance works given that dancers are among the highest contributors of video content on the web.

Creator, Briana Ashley Stuart, will lead and display the usage of web-monetization through weekly testimonial style videos focusing on professional development in networking, entrepreneurship, gaining professional skills, and boosting personal development, all of which will be followed by downloadable workbooks to allow immediate application of the information provided. Lastly, Briana will encourage content creation by guiding dancers through valuable approaches as it relates to web monetization as well as providing an empowering and enriching avenue for promoting dance-oriented work digitally. We hope to encourage dancers to produce their own original work and prompt interest in the Creative Living for Dancers (CLD) Award, an opportunity for dancers to create quality content while experimenting with the innovative web-monetization model.

Let’s make space for dancers in the digital sphere by empowering and educating the global dance community on new ways to approach their professional work!

Thank you, 

Briana Ashley Stuart & The Creative Living for Dancers Team