What is web monetization?

Web monetization creates the difference between going viral and getting paid. This innovative technology uses micropayments to generate a direct income for content creators each time someone views their content. Unlike most social media sites, content creators don’t have to meet a minimum threshold of interactions or followers before getting paid. 

We proudly utilize this new and innovative web-monetization technology in our Creative Living for Dancers professional development course as well as our Creative Living for Dancers Award.

How does web monetization help dancers?

  • It builds a sustainable digital presence for dancers.

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the performing arts industry from live performances to digital streaming and social media posts. Web monetization provides the opportunity for artists to be paid for their visual arts in a simple way. 

  • It improves the user experience for your followers.

By using web monetization, users’ data is not collected, tracked, or sold. Thus, it is a great solution for those who value their privacy online. The technology allows audiences to easily connect with and support their favorite artists’ exclusive, ad-free content. 

  • The possibilities are endless.

Just about every occupation in the dance industry can benefit from web monetization. Freelance dancers, students, photographers, dance studios, and retired dancers can share their content online, and make a profit off of it immediately.

How does it work?

  • Share content, get paid.

A large following is not necessary in order to get paid. A content creator can start making money off of their first post. As content is viewed more and more, the content creator is paid more. On the other hand, supporters and viewers can pay their favorite artists through web monetization while gaining direct access to their quality online content.

Our Creative Living for Dancers course offers a firsthand experience with web monetization, along with professional and personal development insight for freelance dancers. 

Web-Monetization & The Dance Industry

In this interview Ballet Rising director Casey Herd discuss with fellow grantees, Briana Stuart and Greg Hannam, what is web monetization, how it works, and why it’s important to for people in the dance industry to understand it as we shift into the digital world. We finish off with an introductory to the grant for the web and encourage our colleagues and fans to take a look: – https://www.grantfortheweb.org/

Still curious about web monetization? Read more below and visit web-monetization.org.

Web Monetization, in the broadest sense, is the conversion of web traffic into revenue. There are currently many business models in place to monetize the web, including advertising, paywalls, subscriptions, and data mining. At best, these models are inconvenient. At worst, they violate our privacy, expose us to malware, needlessly increase our data charges, and are nearly impossible to track.

The creators of WM envision a healthier ecosystem that builds monetization natively into the web using open protocols (the Interledger protocol) and standards (the Web Monetization standard), which will give people more independence and control over how they distribute and monetize content, and generate better, more privacy-centric business models for the web.