Funded by Grant for the Web and led by Detroit-born, Belgium-based artist Briana Ashley Stuart, the Creative Living for Dancers project provides relevant professional development content as well as financial resources to promote the web monetization of dance content in the digital world.

Dance Film & Dance Awards using Web Monetization

The Creative Living for Dancers Award was created to encourage and empower dancers to share their art online while being paid for it in real-time through web-monetization technology. This year, Creative Living for Dancers distributed four 1000€ awards to support Michigan and Belgium-based dancers as they created digital dance projects while experimenting with this innovative […]

Dance Films using Web-Monetization

The Creative Living for Dancers Award provided 1000€ to support the creation of four digital dance projects by Michigan and Belgium-based dancers while encouraging them to explore web-monetization technology. In a virtual interview, Creative Living for Dancers founder Briana Stuart interviewed awardees Rosslyn Wythes and Bryan and Shaina Baira about the vision behind their projects […]