Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creative Living for Dancers?

Led by Detroit-born, Belgium-based artist Briana Ashley Stuart, the Creative Living for Dancers project is an initiative dedicated to the empowerment and enrichment of the dance community in the digital sphere.  The project provides relevant professional development resources for emerging artists as well as financial resources within Creative Living For Dancer’s Award to promote the web monetization of dance content on the web.

What is the Creative Living for Dancer’s Award?

A 1000€ award for dancers artists to create quality digital content while experimenting with the innovative web-monetization model. Apply here.

What is web-monetization exactly?

WM is the future of content creation where users pay for what they consume in an ad-free and privacy protected environment. 

Web Monetization allows websites to earn revenue from users without:

• Requiring users to sign-up to a subscription

• Needing to deliver content/services through 3rd-party platforms

• Advertising

For a more detailed description, see the GitHub Explainer or visit

What is your privacy and cookie policy?

At CLD we value protecting your privacy. Learn more by checking out our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.